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She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she? Well, truth of the matter is she's quite the delinquent and often finds herself knee-deep in trouble. Don't worry though. It's always minor. Luckily her good looks come in and save the day. I mean, how could you deny those delicate (but supportive) straps? We couldn't either, and the law agrees. Say hello to your new favorite fixed-triangle top and never look back! 

  • Fixed triangle top with thinner straps than Fillis the Firecracker
  • Supportive band to keep you tight and secure
  • Hand wash with care and she will always be there
  • All Boys+Arrows designs are created in California

    *This guide provides general sizing information. which may vary depending on the style and brand. 

    XS 0-2 32.5-33.5" 25-26" 36-37"
    S 2-4 34-35" 26-27" 37-38"
    M 6-8 35-36" 27-28" 39-40"
    L 8-10 36-37" 28-29" 40-41"
    XL 10-12 37-38" 29-30" 41-42"
    Boys & Arrows - Dana Top | Bare
    Boys & Arrows - Dana Top | Bare
    Boys & Arrows - Dana Top | Bare

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