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Kor - Delta Water Bottle | Atomic Punch
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The KOR Delta features striking design and features. Push-button cap allows easy open to reveal KOR's perfect spout, a rounded rim that makes drinking water feel great. The lid also features a lock and protects the spout from dirt and germs when not in use. 

500 ml

  • Always BPA-Free

    KOR Water bottles are made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, an FDA-approved, health-safe material that's durable and beautifully clear.Learn more.

  • Cushioned Base

    Protects furniture and prevents slipping on flat surfaces with its soft, rubber base.

  • Easy Clean, Easy Fill

    Convenient flip-top lid that twists off to reveal a larger opening. Makes cleaning with a bottle brush or filling with water or ice cubes easier.

  • Ergo-Comfort

    Sleek designs that are comfortable and natural to hold. Integrated ergonomic handles make carrying extremely simple.

  • Hygienic Spout

    Most bottles force you to drink from an exposed surface, but KOR's covered cap design completely protects the spout from outside germs and particles when not used.

  • KOR Perfect Spout™

    An exclusive, threadless spout that feels great on your lips. Large enough for chugging and inserting most ice cubes, yet small enough to minimize splashing.

  • No-Worry Cap™

    An attached cap that swivels open with a press of a button and a twist of the wrist, then stays out of your way while you drink. No worrying about losing the cap, either.



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